FabFilter Pro-L

FabFilter Pro-L 2.01

It is a feature-packed limiter plug-in for mastering and mixing
2.01 (See all)

FabFilter Pro-L is a professional, feature-packed brickwall limiter, suitable for transparent mastering as well as single instrument limiting. It features various different limiting algorithms, a highly intuitive interface, oversampling, dithering and accurate metering: everything you need in a limiter.

Main features:

- Great transparent sound combined with maximum loudness.
- Four different limiting algorithms, all with their own character .
- Low CPU usage.
- Highly accurate output and gain reduction metering.
- Adjustable meter scale, including K-System support.
- Unique, highly informative real-time level display.
- Optional Compact interface layout.
- Adjustable look-ahead, attack and release settings.
- Separate channel linking for both the transient and release stages.
- Up to four times linear-phase oversampling.

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